Falling out of/with my beautiful shoes

This photograph by Susanna Hesselberg pretty much sums up how my feet feel about heels at this moment in time…

They hurt, & I more often than not end up in an embarrassing position as a result of wearing them.

It’s sad really

My shoes  I have had a beautiful love affair; starting when I got my first pair of fancy dress plastic heeled costume shoes with princess pom-poms at the age of 6, and ending, rather messily, at some point in the last year or two with pain and early retirement from the dance floor on multiple occasions.

I don’t know why they suddenly decided to hurt me

everything was so comfortable and beautiful before

I had a whole shoe rack of beautiful high heels smiling down on me from my wardrobe door

But now they just mock me and my feeble feet.

I attempted once more to wear my platform-black-stud-18th birthday-heels last Friday; everything started out glamorous and beautiful, but yes you guessed it, by 1am I was sitting on the moist dance floor taking off my shoes being told of by a security guard.. far from glamorous. Dancing in heels has become pretty restricted, a good friend of mine described me as ‘a bird with a clipped wing’..

And so.. It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to sell my once marvelous collection of heels, & trade them in for fancy feet cushions (some high tops or vans or something). So that I can once more dance the night away free from all the pain & humiliation.

Goodbye shoes, it was beautiful while it lasted x

I think I may have to go watch love actually & cry for a while…

All this get’s me wondering.. Why has it become so fashionable, so sexy, for women to wear these painful, feet-deforming shoes on their feet?!
How do men get away with it?!  Clever bastards…

Maybe it’s a hight thing, women being smaller & thus being taller makes us feel more powerful…

Who knows, all I know is I’ve procrastinated long enough & should probably get on with some work.

Good Night x